Creation Twirlers is run by a team of people.

Corp Director:

Anne is Corp Director.  She looks after all the paperwork, bookings etc. 

Anne's daughter Dani is a keen member of the senior team


Vicki:  Vicki has always been involved with Majorettes, being part of the 37th Kingswood Marching Band for many years.

Vicki's daughter Maddie has been twirling for about 5 years.

Julie:  Julie also comes from a marching band background. 
Julie's two daughters are keen members of the senior team and have been twirling for 6 years. 
Husband Rob has been our Chief Flag Waver when we represented England
 at the European Championships in Switzerland, Bath and France! 

Claire:  Claire has been helping to train the twirling team for several years. 
One of her daughter's is still a member of the senior team.

Matt:  An amazing twirler who inspires the members to try new tricks and have confidence. 
Matt choreographs most of our routines and is very involved in the training.

Becky:  A great twirler who has just joined us to help out particularly with the younger members of the team.

The members:

Kaylee                 Martine

Rhianna                  Jess              Summer

Dani                  Casey              Lily

Ellie                   Sophie            Chloe

 Lucy                  Amy B            Amy P

Annabel               Kasey          Maddie

Liam              Lucas

Charlotte             Sienna             Georga

Chelsea                 Katie W           Katie L

Evie                     Kiah              Letisha

Rosie                     Libby               Sophie

                Evie                 Lani            

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