Our Aims and Objectives

"We are all meant to shine, it's not just in some of us; it's in everyone!
As we let our own light shine we encourage others to do the same!"

Creation Twirlers is a not for profit youth organisation for children and young people within
South Gloucestershire and its surrounding area.

The organisation provides dance and socialisation opportunities across a range of age groups
 and disciplines, from the age of 5. 
We have majorettes with a range of abilities and interests and ensure that they are all valued and included as part of our group. 
We set routines and moves to music using twirling batons, poms and accessories. 
We also have social and fun events as well as doing a range of fundraising activities
including sponsored events. 
We provide support to all of our majorettes and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum to ensure that all Creation Twirlers are able to take part and be included.

Our organisation operates with extensive policies and a full constitution
as well as a safeguarding officer. 
We have representatives of parents, volunteers and the children
and young people on our committee.

We engage in a lot of local events, displays and carnivals as well as competing
 at NAME competitions from March to July. 
We have 20+ children and young people and 5 volunteers who train,
support and do other jobs and tasks.

We are a fully inclusive troupe with protective policies and procedures.

Our aim is to support and enable the development of young people in order that they may realise their full potential in shaping their own lives. 
To priomote the social and economic inclusion of all young people so they can contribute to, influence and be valued as part of their communities and of socitety as a whole.

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